The future of filling up your vehicle

Here at Rusdene Services we’re adept at keeping up with what is a changing industry and we need to stay ahead of our times. The future of filling up your vehicle is going to require a major transition from refuelling to recharging and to make that leap seamlessly – charging will need to become as easy as using a petrol pump.

In recent months, there has been huge growth in the number of people registering electric cars (EVs) with over 750,000 worldwide. Norway is the most advanced market where electric cars have a 29 percent market share. Meanwhile, the UK lags behind considerably with just 1.5 percent. However, it’s predicted that the global growth of EVs is set to rise to between 9 and 20 million by 2020.

That’s great – but are we ready to keep them on the road? Despite not being a market leader, Britain is leading the way when it comes to the availability of fast-charging points. However, the majority of the world’s fast chargers are at about 50kW which means it still takes hours to recharge a large luxury vehicle. Ultra-fast charging docks with capacities of 150-350kW can cut the charging time to 15 minutes or less but these docks and very expensive and hardly exist yet, most notably because there are few cars ready to take that kind of power.

The technology is getting more and more advanced every day and companies are competing to develop the ultimate recharging system – and this isn’t helping. The European Commission wants more compatibility so that all makes of cars can charge at all charging stations. And this needs to happen not just in Europe but around the world.

We’re watching developments with interest and keeping abreast of providers entering the market with their recharging solutions. Soon the time will come for our forecourts to adapt to cater to the growth of electric vehicles.

Source: Reuters

Paul Lodge